The Skinny on Spirituality


It’s been a minute!! Happy October!! 

I wish so badly I was on the East Coast right now, foliage and fall fashion are my fav!

So!!! Besides the pleasantries of weather what I REALLY want to talk about is your relationship! That is your relationship with food and your relationship with your body.

Did you know that 80 to 90 % of females hate their body? That is SO upsetting to me.

Did you also know that at least 45- 50% of Americans are on a diet on any given day?

And further did you know that 95% of people on diets will gain back the weight they lost and then some?

I believe it, because I was one of them. Struggling with food addiction, binging, exercise bulimia and loathing my body for years I am proud to say I have FINALLY come to a place of peace in this body of mine.

So many of my friends, along with hundreds of other women have done what I speak about in the vlog below in order to get to this place of peace, and let me tell you there is NOTHING like the feeling that food will never consume your life like the way it has, ever again.

No more constant guilt, no more daily belly aches, no more hating yourself after a dinner party or anxiety around Holidays.

If you or someone you know has ever struggled with their relationship with food and their body, then please watch this vlog and pass it along to anyone whom you feel may benefit.

PLUS I have a FREE offer towards the end to help you in your path to peace with the body you have.