Kelsea Brennan

Find Love That Lasts

How I went from dating to diamond—and you can too


Two years ago I was in a really bad relationship. I was stuck, extremely anxious and slightly depressed. I felt so far from where I wanted to be. I wanted to have, or at least be on the road to having, a family with a man who was going to be a really good father and husband. I didn’t see my boyfriend as the kind of man I wanted to marry, but like.. Read More

The one thing to look for in a relationship


Just a little over a year ago at a Santa Barbara vineyard, after one too many glasses of wine, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to buy a house. Even though he had just renewed the lease on his apartment, and we had only been dating for six months, the thought of living in a home together was exciting. The conversation continued once the wine wore off, though not much happened over.. Read More