Kelsea Brennan

Find Love That Lasts

How I went from dating to diamond—and you can too


Two years ago I was in a really bad relationship. I was stuck, extremely anxious and slightly depressed. I felt so far from where I wanted to be. I wanted to have, or at least be on the road to having, a family with a man who was going to be a really good father and husband. I didn’t see my boyfriend as the kind of man I wanted to marry, but like.. Read More

The one thing to look for in a relationship


Just a little over a year ago at a Santa Barbara vineyard, after one too many glasses of wine, my boyfriend told me that he wanted to buy a house. Even though he had just renewed the lease on his apartment, and we had only been dating for six months, the thought of living in a home together was exciting. The conversation continued once the wine wore off, though not much happened over.. Read More

Do You Know Lauren Miller?


Do You Know Lauren Miller? Perhaps you don’t know her personally, but maybe you know who she is. For those of you who don’t, she is actor Seth Rogan’s wife and a woman I admire very much. Lauren and I have one very powerful issue in common, both her mother and my mother have Early On-Set Alzheimer’s. Both she and her husband are taking a stand to raise awareness and research funds for.. Read More