Work With Me

If this sounds like you
  • Have you been dating for years? Are you ready to finally meet Mr. Right?
  • Are you attracted to “badboys“?
  • Are you sick of feeling anxious in your relationships and in dating?
  • Do you want a relationship that has good chemistry, great commuincation and compatibility?
  • Are you always wishing the men in your life were different?
  • Do you chase men rather then let them pursue you?
  • Do you feel stuck in a toxic relationship?
  • Do you want a healthy relationship but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you ready for marriage and babies and to find a man who is as well?
  • Are you ready to meet a good man and find love that lasts?
Help is here. Sessions with me will help you
  • Shift your attention from the men who don’t know how to love you, to a man who will cherish and adore you
  • Learn techniques to reduce and eliminate anxiety from your relationships and your life
  • Teach you how to discern between chemistry and compatibility. You CAN have both
  • Give you the confidence and tools to make sure that men pursue you! Stop chasing men
  • Learn how to let go of the relationships that aren’t working to make room for the one that will
  • Release  toxic relationships (and avoid them in the future)
  • Find a great relationship with a hot and healthy man
  • Get on the fast track to happy, hot and healthy love with proven techniques
  • Gain all the resources you’ll need to meet a good man and Find Love that Lasts
  • I’ll help YOU get to ‘I Do’

Love and Life Pick Me Up ~ $ 125
Hour long session

You’ll get…
We will dive right into where you currently are in your love life.
We will get clear on what it is you truly desire and I will give you all the resources you need to make that desire a reality.
With a follow-up email support for any questions, concerns or exciting news that you may have!
This session will have you grounded and prepared to move forward with confidence and ease

Love and Life Reboot ~ $ 1000 (can be made in 2 payments of $500)
10 sessions
One Hour Each
1 year to use 10 sessions

You’ll get…
Unlimited email support
These sessions will give your life and love the total reboot you are looking for. In 10 sessions you will have all the tools and resources you need to find, maintain and keep lasting love in your life.
A combination of phone sessions and email support will help you to:
Understand Men
Understand Your Patterns in Love
Get Clarity on the kind of relationship and man that will work best for you
Learn How to release old patters that are keeping you from healthy lasting love
Implement the techniques that will keep you away from toxic relationships and move you towards lasting love

I will help you get to ‘I Do’

Lasting Love Foundation ~ $ 1800 (can be made in 3 payments of $600) 
20 sessions
1 hour each
12 months to use all sessions
Unlimited email support
Implementation is key! You can know all there is about men and love &  how to speak and act in a relationship. Yet if you don’t practice applying this knowledge you’ll get what you’ve always gotten and be where you’ve always been. In our 12 months together we will cover everything, from:
Looking at your past relationships to uncover the patterns that are keeping you from lasting love
Removing all emotional baggage around love to have you feeling light, confident and hotter then you’ve ever felt before.
You’ll learn how to ditch your ‘badboy‘ attraction and find a good man who is thrilled to be with you
Learn what you what makes you feel good and how to feel that in all your relationships
We will do forgiveness work around past & current relationships making space for love and releasing resentment, anger and anxiety
You’ll form consistent healthy habits that will help you take care of yourself in ways you never knew possible
You’ll develop a no nonsense attitude about your life, helping you get what you want and keep it
You’ll reduce pain and unhappiness over all and most certainly in your love life
Need More Information? Fill out the zero obligation form for a 20-minute session no fee at all to see if working together would be best for you.
I am here to help women release toxic and painful relationships and/or avoid them all together.
At the risk of sounding grandiose I do not know if we as women understand the power we have.
Yet if we keep allowing our precious and beautiful energy to be consumed by unhealthy relationships then we will never find the lives we desire or the love we deserve.
It is my mission to help every woman tap into a power greater than herself and to consistently stand in a place of self-love and understanding of how amazing she is so that she and every other woman are treated and cherished as the magnificent beings they are.