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Decisions, Decisions & How to Make them Easily

Decisions, Decisions & How to Make them Easily Sometimes they are easy, sometimes they are hard, and sometimes decisions seem downright impossible to make. We are people obsessed with doing. “What should I do?” “What would you do?” “Did I do the right thing?”

When Wisdom Goes Out the Window

When Wisdom Goes Out the Window Sup Ahh the information age. Where everything you could ever possibly want to know is a click away. Yet with this information does not always come wisdom, or at least the ability to act on it. As a woman always with a desire to do and be the best person I can be, I am sad to say that just because I often know more, or know.. Read More

Sex & Text (Messaging)

Sex & Text (Messaging) If you’ve EVER (be honest) slept with someone before establishing that you wanted a committed relationship (if that’s what you desired), then you must watch the video below.

Opinions Are Like A$$holes

Opinions Are Like A$$holes While change is one of the only constants in life, so is the need to make decisions. Every moment we make a decision, be it as small as reaching for a cup of coffee, or as big as deciding to move cities. Big or small usually somebody’s got something to say about what you’re choosing.

How to Know If You Can Trust Him

How to Know If You Can Trust Him Ever notice how much easier it is to love someone then it is to trust them? We can easily find ourselves falling head over heels for men (or women) without knowing all that much about them, including how trustworthy they are. To trust another human is to error. Because we are imperfect beings trust will almost always be broken and even if it is not,.. Read More