How to Make Motivation Last to Accomplish Your Dreams

When was the last time you felt motivated to start something, anything, and followed it all the way through to completion?

Be it a weight loss goal, new exercise regime or food plan? Or perhaps you want to write more, keep your room clean or get your taxes done.

If your like me (and almost every other person on the planet) then you know that staying motivated to accomplish any goal, no matter how big or small can feel like one of the most daunting tasks there is.

A jolt of motivation usually gets us moving, but with life circumstances and daily distractions, not to mention our emotions and thoughts, staying consistently motivated can be really hard!

That is why we need motivation like this … (see video below)

And inspiration and wisdom from authors and motivational speakers like this … (see video below)

Because they understand that goal accomplishment is not easy, but they also know and have shown us it CAN be done.

So rather than allowing yourself to ‘do it tomorrow‘ or ‘try again another time,’ defy the odds, take a stand for yourself, your life and your dreams with this SUPER simple yet profound concept and action plan.

Because you and I both deserve to do what we desire and to see it all the way through