How to Know If You Can Trust Him

Ever notice how much easier it is to love someone then it is to trust them?

We can easily find ourselves falling head over heels for men (or women) without knowing all that much about them, including how trustworthy they are.

To trust another human is to error. Because we are imperfect beings trust will almost always be broken and even if it is not, because of our own expectations and perspectives we will feel like it is, even if it is not. Deciding to trust someone is a different mentality then deciding if someone is trustworthy. Meaning is He worthy of your trust?

Countless women, myself included have trusted a man without knowing much about him at all, and definitely without knowing whether or not he was trustworthy. Then when that trust is betrayed we become very upset. Speaking our “How dare He” ‘s and “Can you believe it”’s we find absolute blame in an imperfect person, as we all are, and the end results are hurt and pain.

Lucky for us there is a way to tell if a man is trustworthy and it is actually quite simple

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